Hamilton Across the World

Read what critics around the globe are saying about "Hamilton"

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“For the British cast of ‘Hamilton,’ there’s nothing ironic about its
London success”

“Of all the musicals that have crossed the Atlantic, ‘Hamilton’ may have arrived with the most baggage. It is, after all, about the American Revolutionary War, which the British famously lost. So how would British audiences take to a show about the winners?” -CBS News

Who or what is Hamilton? An ignorant Brit’s guide to the hit musical”

“Part of Hamilton’s runaway success, however, is due to how it presents this narrative, namely, in the form of well-crafted hip-hop and RnB songs…” -The Telegraph

“Review: ‘Hamilton’ Conquers London (King George Slays, Too)”

“Only 19 when we first encounter him, Mr. Westman’s Hamilton exudes the arrogance, impudence and impatience of a gifted, ambitious adolescent on the brink of adulthood, on the rise and on the make…” -The New York Times

“Stars out for the West End launch of hip hop musical Hamilton”

“Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda was joined by stars including Helena Bonham Carter, Jodie Whittaker and Ronnie Wood for the opening night of his hip hop musical in London’s West End…” -The Irish Examiner

"Hamilton review – revolutionary musical a thrilling salute to America's immigrants"

“One of the many joys of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s much-heralded musical is that it offers us history de-wigged: it’s a rollercoaster of a show in which a bare-headed, largely non-white cast capture the fervour and excitement of revolution while reminding us how much America’s identity was shaped by a buccaneering immigrant, Alexander Hamilton…” -The Guardian

“Hamilton first night reviews: ‘Sell everything you have to get a ticket’”

“Hamilton is unapologetically political. “We are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious” proclaimed the cast…But what did the UK critics make of this young, diverse group of actors, telling the story of the old white founding father Alexander Hamilton?” -The Guardian

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“Hip-hop musical Hamilton to open in London’s West End”

“Miranda, who penned the musical and starred as the title character in the original Broadway cast, has previously told the Press Association he is excited to see how the comedic portrayal of King George III, the British monarch who lost the American colonies, is received in the UK…” -Independent 

“Odds & Ends: Hamilton to Land in Germany & the Netherlands”

“The world is wide enough for Hamilton! Stage Entertainment is working on German and Dutch versions of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s gargantuan hit. According to Volkskrant, it will however, be at least three years before the Tony-winning musical reaches the stage in the two countries. The first international production of Hamilton is scheduled to begin performances at London’s Victoria Palace Theatre next year…” –Broadway.com

“Hamilton: Not your usual hip-hop musical about an American founding father”

“The story of how Miranda took a copy of Ron Chernow’s biography of Hamilton on holiday in 2008 is part of musical theatre folklore. He knew it would make a great musical and that hip-hop made sense because of Hamilton’s humble beginning and his unusual cultural and ethnic background…” -The Irish Times