The Broadway hit Hamilton has not only ignited public enthusiasm for the era of the American Revolution, it has also sparked animated conversations amongst historians.

Hear what current historians are saying about how the musical
has brought the Early American past into dialogue with the present.

“Hamilton has definitively knocked the Founding Fathers off of the proverbial Mount Olympus and shattered their marble façades. As a historian, I am grateful for it. No longer demigods, they have become flesh to walk among us, revealing their trauma, ambition, lust, jealousy, and spite as much as their nobler qualities like love, patriotism, and sacrifice. The past is a different place, but by casting off their wigs and assuming contemporary forms, these historic figures invite conversation and questioning, rather than blind adoration and loyalty. They seem less like ancestors and more like friends. We recognize our own struggles in theirs and lean in to listen to what they have to say.”

-Linzy Brekke-Aloise, Ph.D.                                                                         

Associate Professor of History
Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies
Stonehill College